Q: How are body piercings priced?

A: Body Piercings are fixed price, please see the piercing prices page for more info.

Q: Why are your body piercings priced lower the some other studios?

A: Our body piercings are performed with implant grade metals (see our piercing page for more info). We cut costs by simplifying the choices offered for starter jewelry (most piercings have several choices), and buy our supplies in bulk to keep the prices lower.

Q: How are tattoos priced?

A: Tattoos are priced by the individual artist. Each artist has their own rates and policies. For smaller pieces we price by the piece, for larger pieces our artists have an hourly rate. Please see the studio or contact one of our artists for more info.

tattooing Deposits

Q: Do you charge a deposit for tattoos?

A: For tattooing most often we do charge a deposit to book an appointment and/or prepare a drawing. Deposits are credited to the final price of your tattoo. Tattoo consultations are always free, and you are under no obligation to book an appointment or leave a deposit.

Q: How much do you charge for deposits?

A: Deposits are charged based on the final estimated price of the tattoo. We also charge a deposit for groups booking over the phone. We also may charge a deposit to hold a spot on Friday or Saturday.

Usually the deposit amount is around 20-25% of the quoted tattoo price. The deposit is always applied the the final setting of your tattoo if the piece is multi-session.

Over-the-Phone (or internet bookings) may require a deposit to hold the spot (we can process this online or over the phone with PayPal or any major credit card, or through email using our automated invoice system.)

Q: Are deposits refundable?

A: Once a deposit is left with the artist / studio it is not refundable for any reason. Please be sure you are 100% ready to begin the process before leaving a deposit. We are not offended at all if you need to wait, or just aren’t sure! Better to wait and be sure than to regret it later.

Q: What does my deposit include?

A: For smaller tattoos the deposit simply holds the time slot you selected. For medium to larger sized pieces the deposit includes a line drawing, rough sketch, or both. (This varies by the size of the piece and the artist who is tattooing you).

We will discuss the entire process during your consultation appointment to make sure everything is understood ahead of time. We encourage questions!

tattoo Touch ups

Q: What is your studio touch up policy?

A: We stand behind our work. Every tattoo has a 3 month touchup window. (This may be extended for active duty military personal) If your work needs a touch up during that initial window please see the studio in person, sooner the better.

The touch up must be preformed by the original artist, at their discretion, and most likely an appointment will have to be scheduled.

We do not offer free touchups for work that was not properly taken care of during the initial healing process. EX: Used antibacterial cream, steroid cream, damage caused from swimming or tanning. This type of neglect is apparent.

Q: I got a tattoo somewhere else and it needs a small touch up. What should I do?

A: If you were happy with the experience and the quality of the original artist, we would suggest you contact the original studio or artist first. Most often they will do the touch up for you at little to no charge. If you still need assistance please contact us.

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